Frequently Asked Questions

Is the birthday girl included in the 6 guests?

Answer: Yes, birthday girl is included in the 6. (Example: BIRTHDAY GIRL + 5 GUESTS)

Is the birthday girl included in the 8 guests?

Answer: Yes, birthday girl is included in the 8. (Example: BIRTHDAY GIRL + 7 GUESTS)

How many hostesses will be present during the event?

Answer: There is usually 2-3 hostesses to assist with each party.

Will there be an additional charge for 2 guest of honor?

Answer: No, there is not an additional charge for having 2 birthday girls. However, they will be counted in the 8 guests.

What if it rains on my date?

Answer: We will be there rain, sleet, or snow. *Unless there is severe flooding*.

Will the bus be moving while the party is going on?

Answer: The bus will be parked throughout the entire party.

Is there anything that I need to do before you come?

Answer: Yes, we request that all polish be removed from hands and toes. This assists us with staying within the time frame.

Will the girls have time to eat/drink while receiving spa services?

Answer: We recommend the girls eat before or after to insure they don't mess up their polish.

What if I paid for additional guests but they don't show up?

Answer: There will be NO REFUNDS given for additional guests that do not show up. We encourage you to get your guests to RSVP 2-3 days prior to your event date that way if someone decides to cancel you now have a few days to invite more guests.

Are parents allowed to stay on the bus during the party?

Answer: No, parents are not able to stay on the bus throughout the duration of the party due to limited space when pedicure bowls are out. However, parents are welcome to come on and off the bus during the party to take pictures and video.